Best Librarian Ever?

As noted earlier this week, we’re feeling pretty positive about the fact that publishers are going to survive and will continue to supply books to library branches where employed librarians will continue to teach children that reading is important and meaningful and not beyond their capabilities so that one day we will have a generation of adult-sized people who have precisely the discerning risk that is required to say yes to a cronut and no to a treadmill desk.

If we have any thoughtful and literate human beings in the future, it will be in part because of librarians like Dylan Little at Washington Park Library in Providence, Rhode Island. Dylan is experting himself all over the library science world. He’s our man to watch.

The latest of his attempts to make reading awesome to kids included eating a scorpion at the closing party for a summer reading program:

Beyond “#scorpionliteracy,” Dylan has been busy this summer instituting a seed library, by which anything from cantaloupe seeds to green beans are distributed throughout the Providence area for the purpose of common planting. And then there was this, a dinosaur farting initiative:

We’re happy to report a lot of farts and very few late fees. Best librarian ever? Some are asking the question.

Dylan, we are saying, carry on! Not only do we want to be a kid again, we want a library card.

If you cannot technically be a kid again, or obtain a library card from Washington Park Library, please consider supporting Dylan’s work here.

Do you know of anyone doing good local work? Want to nominate someone for our “best ever” series? Share your stories here!




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  • Bruce

    Sep 6, 2013 - Reply

    I really just want to see if you can diagram that first sentence.

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