Housing Authority 12.20.13


Purewow for the week

The Boston Globe covers the collective history and  journey of the Tsarnaevs before the bombing:  “The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev


Barna says that while we are evangelizing to Millenials, they are evangelizing to the rest of the world. Good grief, do Millenials have to be ironic about EVERYTHING?


ATTN: KIDS ARE GONNA DO WHAT THEY WANT. Here’s why this is good news.


Is it passive aggressive if we send this article to all our authors who are late on their manuscript deadlines?! In all seriousness, some golden advice here for writers.


You were out-of-your-tree busy this year, so David Fitch, Dan White Jr., and Zach Hoag are providing a highlight reel. We call this purewow distilled.


Because we are a fan of 1)beards and 2) Tolstoy comparisons, over Christmas break we will be watching this documentary (along with the Puppy Bowl, obvs).


Histocrats >> The post “Behind Luke’s Gospel: The Roman Empire During the Time of Jesus” resulted in the highest traffic to Kurt Willems’ blog yet. You’ll love it.


A strangely apocalyptic week included the passing of Harold Camping and this satirical forecast on how the media will report the end times.


Speaking of, IBM makes some pretty hopeful predictions for the next five years.


In what we read as a self-deprecating holiday greeting from David Brooks (and thus will hang on our fridge), Brooks finally says what we were all thinking: public intellectuals and “thought leaders” ought to take themselves a little less seriously.


There are a lot of causes you can donate to this Christmas, but for some reason this one seemed most basic and good to us.


Lastly and apropos of nothing, the earth has never been colder. -137 degrees Fahrenheit! Cheers to that!

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