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PureWow for the week (Love Edition!)

Before you drop Hauerwasian theory into your next conversation, do some homework. What are Anabaptists? Scot McKnight gives us a brief description here, and Tyler Tully elaborates.

At the heart of missional is community, and yet many of us operate on a I’d love to, but I don’t want to basis when it comes to intentionally journeying with others. If you read nothing else this week, we recommend posts from Dan White and Mike Breen and David Fitch on the subject of community and Missio Trinitatis. As Breen puts it, “God is family on mission.”

This gallery of photos from a religious summit in Haiti puts all of our clamoring about Is church important, yes or no?  to a visual litmus test.

Yale Divinity School professor Maggie Dawn provides us with 40 ways to to Lent well.

It’s not very romantic to add the word “today” to your professions of love: “I’ll love you forever today” or  “You complete me, but then again it’s only Tuesday; Wednesday is still very much up in the air!” Yet Betsy Childs over at FirstThings says that “today, and forever” is one of the most romantic and faithful things we can possibly promise in regard to our marriages or singleness.

And in what is just a very moving juxtaposition of celibacy and marriage, The New York Times publishes a story on how one Italian monastery has become a wedding dress depot for brides from disadvantaged families.

(The following is NOT an obligatory Valentines link!) NYT gives us “A Sentimental Education” by asking authors what we can learn about love through literature. An aside, we appreciated Gregory Wolfe raising the question: Where are the references to love for God, love for parents, or love for children in this article?

Speaking of familial affection, a good one over at Jonathan Merritt’s blog about one of the most critical and identity-shaping questions we have as humans: “Am I loved by my parents?” Some of us are still wondering how to forgive mom and dad.

That’s it for the week, friends. What have YOU been reading?

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