Housing Authority 9.20.13

Purewow for the week:

Stanley Hauerwas writes an open letter to young Christians on their way to college. Stan, well done. If we weren’t still paying off our student loans, we’d re-enroll.


Losing is the new winning, some are saying. How does failure fit into our theology?


Jonathan Franzen may not be a Luddite, may not be ‘the Great Hater,’ but he is disappointed by our twitter handles.


In a hyper-performance society, we are taking this message as gospel: “The pressure’s off. God loves to watch me play.”


“Can Faith Ever Be Rational?”  NPR’s comment section blew up on Monday after Tania Lombrozo asked the question.


Pope Francis is trending big time. But before 140 character-opinions and the secular media’s interpretations become cemented, read the actual interview responsible for all the fuss.















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