Last Minute Considerations for Lent


It’s the day before Lent and, like you are prone to do when you are spiritually desperate and without time, you are considering flipping a coin: “Heads I’ll give up coffee; tails, chocolate.”  Though you may not acknowledge it, you are secretly hoping the penny rolls into a crack and stands precisely on its side, because this year’s caffeine-sugar coin toss outcome feels at once trite and difficult. To the one digging through her purse right now looking for a penny, we suggest instead a few thoughtful Lenten ideas generated by our friends:


For starters, a good read in preparation for tomorrow: Possibly Insane Thoughts on Ash Wednesday (Written on the Occasion of a Sleepless Night)


Nadia Bolz Weber has drawn up an outline for the 40 days of Lent in which no two days are alike. Like a Lenten bricolage, everything from “Day 1: Pray for your enemies” to “Day 36: No sugar” is here.


Are we allowed to have a simultaneously joyful and holy Lent? Maggi Dawn thinks so, and she’s provided us 40 creative ways to do it. You’ll definitely want to look over this list if you are still trying to decipher what keeping Lent will look like this year.


We were inspired this year by a letter Vito Aiuto wrote to his parishioners regarding their communal Lenten call. We hope letters like this one are being drafted to faith communities everywhere as a reminder that our Lenten journey is a familial one.


Ken Folmsbee, father of our very own Chris Folmsbee, has created a meaningful series of Lenten Meditations that you can download here. Each day includes Scripture engagement, reflection, an invitation to respond, and prayer. Enjoy!


Thinking of reading your way through Lent? The “Happy Catholic” has the folllowing recommendations.


Even as Christ journeyed toward the cross, healing and generosity accompanied him. Likewise, your Lenten sacrifice can mean life for someone else if you join up with an organization like Bread for the World or Blood Water.


Lastly, consider a soundtrack as a backdrop for Lent. We recommend The Brilliance’s “Lent” or “Come O Spirit” and “He Will Not Cry Out“ by Bifrost Arts.

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