If “passion belongs to the young,” then college should represent a time when our passions are in their purest, fiercest form. By this point in our lives, we are persuaded by so much BAD in the world to do something GOOD. In answer to abuses and exploitations around us, we think . . .  petitions? Though now, petition-laden, we realize it’s hardly enough. The world is a broken place, and it’s impossible to ignore its pain, injustices, and evils without becoming callous. We want–whether we realize it or not–for all things to be set right. We want captive people to be made free, broken things to be made whole, and warring factions to be reconciled. Contrary to what is believed, however, in all our activity to support worthy movements, it is not that university students are too passionate, but that we are not passionate enough. By spending our energy on tangential pursuits without connecting them to God’s greater purpose, we face burn out, distraction, and despair. Yet. There is one cause, we have heard, which will end all other causes:

Do you want to change the world? The kingdom of God is near.

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