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Purewow for the week:

More than fifteen hundred works of art thought to be plundered by the Nazis are recently found in a Munich apartment.

Yes, municipal bankruptcy. Yes, threatened Institute of Arts. But Detroit, we are saying, it is not over for you! (H/T Scot McKnight)

The difference between looking at something and seeing something could be a matter of pace. Why one Harvard professor is touting “The Power of Patience” as it relates to more saturated learning. Pastors, parents: reckon with!

Greece has a prayer mat, but can she continue to roll it out in the public square?

Jonah in the belly of a whale: “Satire or History?” Interesting thoughts on the gastric juices of the absurd.

Likewise, when we are insulted, our comeback is usually in the form of a 1700 page tome. This is the story of a squabble between John Piper and N.T. Wright, and how the rest of us gained the “most comprehensive work on the Apostle Paul” out of it.

For a little while longer, you may stream the soundtrack to the new Coen brothers’ movie Inside Llewyn Davis. As expected, impossibly edifying during a long work week.

There is jailing, and then there is solitary confinement. This longread is a heartbreaking look at the inhumane effects and arbitrary assigning of “solitary.”

Isaac Anderson, most recently having received Notable recognition in The Best American Essays, 2013, wrote a thoughtful piece for us on the hodiernal benefits of a literary education. (Yes, we realize, a blatant #selfie.) He also wrote for our friends over at Good Letters.

Kierkegaard believed that creativity is contingent upon anxiety to some degree. By the way, we read this article while drinking tension and stress tea BECAUSE WE ARE SO CREATIVE, RIGHT?

A pure(book)wow brought to us by Books & Culture. Brad Fruhauff reviews Making Manifest, a 28-day devotional taking shape around creative writing and journaling exercises so as to expand the Christian imagination.

NOPE. UM, JUST . . .

Are our sermons more than just “Pep Talks for Successful Living“? Jesus, self-help, and the homiletic imperative.














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